3 Ways to Design User-Friendly Health Technology

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GE Healthcare realized it had an issue with its MRI machines when it learned that 80 percent of pediatric patients needed to be anesthetized to undergo MRI scans. If the vast majority of your customers are so afraid of your product that they have to be unconscious to endure it, you may want to rethink your design, said Tom Kelley, general manager of IDEO, an international design and consulting firm.GE reimagined its MRI machines with the GE Adventure Series, which makes them look like a ride at Disneyland, such as a pirate ship or a rocket, Kelley said. The strategy worked: The rates of anesthesia for pediatric MRI patients dropped to less than 10 percent.GE was able to radically change its customers experience by embracing empathy and altering how customers interacted with its technology, a lesson all organizations, large and small, can take to heart, said Kelley during a keynote speech at the CDW summit, Transforming the Customer Experience with Digital Modernization, held in New Orleans in September.

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