5 Basic Steps for Hospitals to Improve Their Data Security

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5 Basic Steps for Hospitals to Improve Their Data Security

If you’re a small healthcare IT operation, a simple spreadsheet might do the trick. If you’re larger, a not-so-simple spreadsheet might be in order.

Regardless of how you do it, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations must identify and monitor every single instance of computer network access. They’re called endpoints, says Larry Ponemon, founder of the security consulting firm the Ponemon Institute, and for you they exist as vulnerabilities.

Your job is to eliminate them through a series of basic security-promoting tasks.

While your IT security staff may have conducted such work in the past related to HIPAA, “in the past” is never recent enough for a robust security program in the hyper-changing technology world, especially if the work was incomplete or conducted over a year ago. In too many hospitals, security protections have been a one-shot effort conducted years ago with little follow-up. Your hospital may need to undertake the following actions from a blank slate perspective in order to combat today’s sophisticated threats.

1. Identify every device on the network.

We’re not talking about just desktops and laptops, here. Think more broadly and identify everything that has a network connection—desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, IoT devices, etc. You may have …read more

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