50 things we now know about digital health consumers

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Consumers of healthcare have historically been one step removed from the industry. Most often positioned as passive stakeholders, consumers are faced with complex and asymmetrical information in a system plagued with rising prices and higher deductibles. As patient-driven care gradually replaces a culture of medical paternalism, patients are increasingly in the driver’s seat of their own health. And just as the Internet has changed the way we learn, communicate, shop, bank, and work, so too is it changing the way we manage our own health and healthcare.

NPR’s Planet Money recently noted, “Healthcare is this totally ‘weird’ and different part of our economy.” We’ve noticed—which is why we love digging into how the industry is being shaken up by technology. Our second annual 4,000+ person nationally-representative survey is full of insights and valuable data. We deploy this survey each year to better understand consumer sentiment and adoption of digital health, reveal consumer attitudes toward health privacy and trust, and gauge overall consumer behavior (see our 2015 report here).

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