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A Pot Luck Health Wonk Review

Shared by Radhika Narayanan | 2 7 1 | about 3 years ago

The posts for this week’s Health Wonk Review are an interesting and varied lot. Accordingly, despite the absence of a post on medical marijuana, we’ll call this a “Pot Luck” edition of the Health Wonk Review.

We start with Peggy Salvatore’s post at Health System Ed. Peggy describes a Google Hangout featuring Peter Diamandis, cofounder of the Human Longevity Institute, which seeks to extend and expand the “healthy, high-performance lifespan.” Diamandis described “Human Nucleus,” a project that could allow you, for a $25,000 payment, to have your genome completely sequenced and analyzed.

“The idea of medicine being this personalized almost runs counter to the notion of population health, but actually it is population health in extremis,” Salvatore writes. “Your highly secure information is first analyzed for your personalized health risk assessment and individual care plan around the assessment. Then your data is aggregated and analyzed along with all the other de-identified data resulting in ongoing machine learning insights.”

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