Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs: Can Digital Solutions Give A Helping Hand To The Addicted?

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We strongly believe that only digital health can bring healthcare into the 21st century and make patients the point-of-care. Once you become addicted, it sticks with you for a long time, if not for life. It doesnt matter whether its about cigarettes, alcohol, medication, drugs, gambling, sex, etc., any of these substances or phenomena could cause you strong dependency and might impact your everyday life negatively.Just as in the case of chronic diseases, you will wake up and go to bed with it every single day. You may overcome the lowest points, but even if you manage to battle the substance and yourself, for that matter , the skeletal ruins of addiction will wait in a shadowy corner to retake shape due to a breakdown induced by psychological or environmental factors. As a worst case scenario, addiction eats up your life, your familys lives and in huge numbers even entire communities.

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