AMA teams up with biotech incubator to connect physicians with startups

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The American Medical Association is teaming up with Sling Health to give startup entrepreneurs access to physicians’ perspectivesonwhere technology can be applied to fix real-world clinical problems. The AMA and Sling Health, a student-run biotechnology incubator, launched the clinical problem database on the AMA’s Physician Innovation Network, an online forum that connects physicians and health technology companies looking for clinician feedback.The project aims to give startup entrepreneurs access to physicians’ perspectives on where technology can be applied to fix real-world problems to ensure new digital health technologies are addressing unmet needs in healthcare delivery.Physicians are encouraged to submit real-world clinical challengesprocesses or workflows in the clinic or hospital that are inefficient and time-consuming or a procedure or condition that could use the help of a device or software, as examples. If there are existing tools that need to be augmented or improved, physicians should sound off on those problems too, the organizations said.

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