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Apple May Be Edging Out Google in Health Care Because of the iPhone

Shared by Radhika Narayanan | 43 257 0 | about 3 years ago

Apple is pushing deeper into the business of health. At its event this morning, the company unveiled its newest software in the field: CareKit, an open source tool for building apps that lets iPhone owners track their medical data and share it with doctors. Apple is starting with an app designed for Parkinson’s disease patients.

Google also wants in on the business of health. Medical issues and data have long been obsessions of co-founder Larry Page. His cohort, Sergey Brin, has a deeply personal interest in Parkinson’s — he has a genetic mutation associated with the disease. The pair, now Alphabet’s honchos, have incubated two companies built on the intersection of digital data and medicine.

And while Google’s efforts there — primarily with Verily, the medical research arm under Alphabet — are far more advanced scientifically, Apple has a considerable advantage in the race to seize the health-tracking market. It can turn every iPhone into a health-tracking device.

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