Are Providers Using Effective Patient Communication Methods?

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Are Providers Using Effective Patient Communication Methods?

This year at MGMA 2016, the Stericycle Communication Solutions team had the opportunity to survey over 800 providers about their patient communication strategy. Getting to collect our own data, rather than relying on facts and figures from scholarly articles, was truly invaluable. But what was even more exciting was sitting down and analyzing the results.

Many of the statistics weren’t surprising – nearly 100% of providers are sending appointment reminders, 60% of providers are using technology to send these reminders, and 2/3 of providers surveyed love the idea of online self-scheduling. These statistics all made sense to me… it’s almost 2017, of course providers would prefer to use technology when it comes to their patient communications.

But as I dug more into the numbers, I saw a startling trend:

Only 1 out of 3 providers who “love” online self-scheduling offer it to their patients
While almost all providers are sending appointment reminders, 1/3 are still manually calling their patients
Over 60% of providers are only sending appointment reminders via ONE modality
I started to think about other parts of my life where I booked appointments or used technology to interact with a vendor– did these healthcare numbers match their non-healthcare counterparts?

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