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Axsis, a New Robot for Precision Surgical Applications

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Axsis, a New Robot for Precision Surgical Applications

Cambridge Consultants, a UK-based product design firm, is showing off a highly dextrous robotic surgical system that it developed. The Axsis robot was created to overcome the limitations of existing surgical robots, such as their large size and inability to work with highly detailed and fragile tissues.

The Axsis does not use long and rigid instruments, such as those found on the popular da Vinci systems from Intuitive Surgical. It instead relies on flexible components that result in a smaller overall size of the robot. Moreover, the components outside the patient that control the tools that are inside don’t have to move a lot in order to shift and articulate the instrument tips.

Cambridge Consultants believes this technology will be applicable for eye surgeries, such as cataract removal, as well as for other applications where great dexterity and a small robot is required.

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