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Brexit: What it could mean for NHS data

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The NHS has become a proverbial football in the EU referendum debate; one side claiming a Brexit would save the NHS millions, the other that it would do immense damage to a system already under huge financial strain.

But less attention has been paid to the implications of Brexit on storage of NHS data, at least some of which sits in data storage centres scattered throughout Europe.

As of today that NHS data stored offshore, be it purely financial or deeply personal, is covered by European data regulations, including the soon-to-be-replaced Safe Harbour provisions.

If the UK remained in the EU that NHS data would also be subject to the incoming General Data Protection Regulation, which will impose stricter controls and penalties for data breaches.

But if the UK leaves the European Union, what will happen to this NHS data, much of it locked into long term contracts and held in data centres on the continent, without those regulations is much fuzzier.

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