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Can EHRs Survive Cyberattacks With Machine-Learning, Ambience and Behavioral Analytics?

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By Santosh Varughese, Co-Founder and President, Cognetyx

Since cybersecurity healthcare threats on hospital EHR systems have become a topic of nightly newscasts, no longer is anyone shocked by their scope and veracity. What is shocking is the financial damage the attacks are predicted to cause as they reverberate throughout the economy.

In the 30 days of June 2016,  more than 11 million patient EHRs were breached , making it the year’s worst incident according to a study by DataBreaches.net and Prontenus. For comparison, May had less than 700,000 and 2016’s former breach leader (March) topped out at just over 2.5 million.

While traditional security filters like firewalls and reputation lists are good practice, they are no longer enough.  Hackers increasingly bypass perimeter security, enabling cyber thieves to pose as authorized users with access to hospital networks for unlimited periods of time.

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