Catch up with the digital age using 3 transitional healthcare strategies

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The digital age is here. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is lagging behind. In this guest post, Shawn Yates, director of product management for a company that develops a variety of information systems for providers, reveals key transition strategy points hospitals need to consider as they move to update their digital presence.



More than a hundred million Americans walk around with a cell phone-sized computer. They correspond via text, email and mobile websites on a regular basis. They use these tools to satisfy their financial obligations, and they expect any business with which they interact to support this convenience. Expanded use of these consumer interaction gadgets happens every day. Even retail giant Amazon has added devices to the mix, including Alexa with Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and the Echo Spot this past December. These devices have all provided new ways for Amazon to correspond with a consumer in ordering items, getting updates and supplying information from the web.

But as the digital age rushes forward, health care remains in the 1990s. In the latest InstaMed survey, 87% of consumers reported receiving their hospital bills via mail, while 81% of the same survey group stated they pay their household bills digitally now. As …read more

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