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Chief information security officer salaries skyrocket as high as $420,000

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The demand for chief information security officers in the U.S. is rising, and so are the salaries of these increasingly important executives. The average compensation range for CISOs, in fact, starts at $136,000 and peaks at $345,000; the median salary for a U.S. CISO is $223,000, according to the new study from SilverBull, an IT and cybersecurity recruiting and staffing firm.

But many CISOs make a lot more dough. For example, according to SilverBull, the top of the average salary range by location varies, including $421,000 in San Francisco, $406,000 in New York, $380,000 in Washington, $378,000 in Los Angeles, $362,000 in Chicago, and $348,000 in Atlanta.

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