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Conficker used in a new wave of hospital IoT device attacks

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Conficker Used in New Wave of Hospital IoT Device Attacks

Internet-connected medical devices such as MRI machines, CT scanners and dialysis pumps are increasingly being targeted by hacker seeking to steal patient medical records from hospitals. Attackers consider the devices soft digital targets, seldom guarded with same security as client PCs and servers within hospitals. In a report by security firm TrapX Labs, researchers found that the dearth of cyber defenses on clinical IoT medical equipment was tied to a resurgence of old malware such as networm32.kido.ib and the notorious Conficker worm. In its paper MEDJACK.2 Hospitals Under Siege (PDF), researchers describe how modern hospital security systems overlook protecting internet-connected devices running Windows XP or unpatched versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 making them an easy target for ancient worms.

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