Digitization beyond the Doc

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Digitization beyond the Doc

Healthcare IT has a long way to go before it delivers truly transformative benefits to providers and patients across the healthcare continuum. However, the incremental steps that already have been taken should not be discounted. While a complete digital transformation in healthcare is going to take some time, creativity, and even a few missteps before we get it right, current health IT capabilities are adding value to care delivery.Take EHRs, for example. For all of their well-publicized problems, physicians have in fact seen some benefits. Consider that not long ago consulting physicians had to spend the night in the hospital just in case their expertise was needed. Then came pagers, and consultants were able to come to the hospital only as and when needed. Now, fast-forward to 2017, and todays technology allows physicians to completely review up-to-the-second information about a patient and properly triage directly from their mobile devices.

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