Doctors loathe their EHRs, right? Not these physicians

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EHR dissatisfaction is rampant. Doctors complain about too many clicks and unusable interfaces, to name just two common gripes. Health IT pros and clinicians hear and read about these problems a lot. But the other side of the story — physicians who say the EHR makes them better doctors — is less-often told. Yes, I love the EHR I use, said James Legan, MD. Legan, an internal medicine physician in Great Falls, Montana, who credits the EHR for helping him to practice medicine more effectively, is not alone. Medical Group Management Association CEO Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, while perhaps less exuberant than Legan, said EHRs have considerable promise in the practice of medicine. And then theres Jeffrey Cleveland, MD, a pediatrician at Carolinas HealthCare System.

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