Dr. Leslie Saxon Talks Turning Virtual Healthcare into a Reality

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Dr. Leslie Saxon Talks USC’s Virtual Care Clinic

Virtual care is quickly becoming a tangible reality. All over the word, fingertips are tapping onto screens and into data streams, leaving digital footprints in their wake. But where is this trail of telecommunications leading us? According to Dr. Leslie Saxon, we are headed for real progress in creating access to healthcare by plugging deeper into its potential.

In January, Saxon who is the executive director of the University of Southern California’s (USC’s) Center for Body Computing (CBC), announced a partnership with eight foundational partners to launch its Virtual Care Clinic (VCC). The digital healthcare model utilizes a variety of technologies, including mobile apps, wearable sensors, virtual human health care providers, augmented virtual reality (AR/VR), data collection, analytics and artificial intelligence using digital communication tools allowing patient’s anywhere to access medical care and content.

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