Education at HIMSS19: Will This Be the Year of Artificial Intelligence?

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With a welter of educational sessions on artificial intelligence and machine learning, will this be the year for AI at the HIMSS Conference? Just a cursory glance at this years educational schedule at the HIMSS Conference, which is being held this week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, makes it clear: artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will be major subjects for discussion at HIMSS19.Just a few examples: Session MLAI03, Keynote: Synergies Between Man and Machine; Session MLAI04, State of the Industry: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare; Session PTS07, Smarter Care: The AI-Driven Patient Experience; Session MLAI06, AI and Imaging: Your Data as a Strategic Asset; Session MLAI11, How AI Enabled a Community Hospital to Tackle Clinical Variation and Reduce Length-of-Stay; Session MLAI07, Blockchain & AI: Stronger Together; Session MLAI19, Integrating an End-to-End AI Solution into Clinical Workflow; Session MLAI15, Using AI and NLP to Alleviate Physician Burnout; Session RCSS16, AI, Workforce Development, and Other Key Takeaways; Session PH01, Artificial Intelligence & Telemedicine; Session ISED01, Artificial IntelligenceA Solution for Interoperability?; Session IL42, AI + Neurotechnology Attacking Chronic Pain Crisis; Session 22, Ethics of AI in Healthcare: Developing the Right Framework for Innovative Clinical Delivery; Session IL07, The Role of AI in the (Near) Future of Healthcare; Session IL09, Streamline Analytics with AI & Machine Learning; Session 54, Artificial Intelligence vs. COPD: The Fight for Patient Health; Session LS12, Using AI to Manage Clinical Variation; Session PH13, Patient Journey Digitalization Using IT and AI; and Session IH54, Predictive Clinical Surveillance with AI.

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