Five of the eight largest healthcare cybersecurity breaches since 2010 occurred in 2015

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Five of the eight largest healthcare security breaches that occurred since the beginning of 2010 – those with more than 1 million records reportedly compromised – took place during the first six months of 2015, according to IBM X-Force’s “2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index.” And in 2015 overall, more than 100 million healthcare records reportedly were compromised, the report said.

The report suggested four key steps to help develop a strategic cybersecurity program, which include: prioritize business objectives and set risk tolerance, institute a proactive security plan, craft a response to the inevitable sophisticated attack, and then promote and support a culture of security awareness.

The recommendations are particularly important to healthcare organizations, which are now the top industry targeted by cybercriminals, according to the annual IBM X-Force report, and several other recent reports.

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