Frontotemporal Disorders Treatment Market Global Industry Analysis, Size and Forecast, 2018 to 2028

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Increasing FTD Drug Development Grants and Funding by Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit organizations, disease advocacy and private organizations currently are focusing on to support the frontotemporal disorders treatment drug development as the patient base of FTD is expanding. Research funding initiatives by non-profit organization such as the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD), Alzheimer Discovery Foundation (ADDF), Bluefield Project Organization, Tau Consortium Organization, CurePSP, Inc. have helped to promote frontotemporal disorders treatment drugs research initiatives. These organizations support clinical or preclinical studies for testing new therapeutics which are interventional to slow or stop FTD and other neurological disease progression.

Growing Prevalence of Dementia Expected to Propel the Demand for Frontotemporal Disorders Treatment Drugs

Dementia affects around 50 million people globally. Frontotemporal dementia may account for 2–5% of the overall dementia cases. Dementia prevalence is projected to nearly triple by 2050. According to the Dementia Statistics Organization, globally the number of people living with dementia will increase by 204% from 50 Mn in 2018 to 152 Mn in 2050. The growing number of dementia cases will also increase the population base of frontotemporal dementia, which is expected to propel the demand for frontotemporal disorders treatment drugs and medications.

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