Getting to Stage 7 on the HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model a big leap from Stage 6

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I recently participated as the CIO reviewer on a HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 validation. The long travel to the West Coast aside, I was happy to contribute my time and expertise to be exposed to an advanced organization and to meet a wonderful group of leaders. The review team also included a chief medical information officer and the HIMSS Analytics regional director for North America.

As of the 3rd quarter this year, only 4.6 percent of hospitals have achieved Stage 7 while 30.5 percent have achieved Stage 6. Just over a third of hospitals are currently at Stage 5.

All three hospitals I’ve served as CIO have achieved Stage 6. Getting from Stage 6 to 7 is a significant leap. There is a greater focus on analytics and using the data from the electronic health record to improve patient outcomes.

From the HIMSS Analytics website, here is how Stage 7 is described:

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