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Hackers offering bulk discount to unlock encrypted MedStar data

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e hackers who locked up data on MedStar’s computers this week are demanding ransom to begin unlocking it — and they’re offering a bulk discount to release all of it, according to a copy of the demands obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

The attack was made public by the FBI and MedStar on Monday. A doctor at a MedStar hospital in Baltimore and a second source familiar with the matter confirmed Wednesday that it was launched by hackers seeking payment.

The hackers, who have encrypted the data so MedStar users cannot retrieve it, are seeking payment in bitcoins, the hard-to-trace digital currency that can be purchased at online exchanges.

MedStar, which operates 10 hospitals and other facilities in the Baltimore-Washington region, declined to discuss the nature of the attack, citing an ongoing investigation.

Ann Nickels, a spokeswoman for the nonprofit medical system, said Wednesday that its three main clinical information systems had been restored, and that doctors were able to access medical records on at least a read-only basis.

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