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HL7 posts new FHIR test version tuned for clinical decision support, complex queries, genomics data

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The May 2016 iteration of FHIR, as in Fast Healthcare Information Resources, has arrived. Most notable among its new capabilities: support for the Clinical Quality Language for clinical decision support as well as further development of work on genomic data, workflow, eClaims, provider directories and CCDA profiles.

“We’re adopting syntax for querying FHIR resources to do more clinically-oriented things,” said Dave Shaver, an HL7 Fellow and the founder and CTO of Corepoint Health. Part of that is FluentPath, which is an extraction language for more effective queries.

Shaver pointed to the ability to find patients who are eligible for clinical trials as one example. Another would be running queries against a document registry to determine, say, information about pregnant females that came in for a well visit during the past 72 hours.

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