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How a health IT CEO shouldn’t behave on social media

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How a health IT CEO shouldn’t behave on social media

Spats on social media happen all the time. Just read the comments on any random YouTube video or Google “celebrity Twitter fights.”

But have you ever heard of a longtime, accomplished health IT entrepreneur and executive launching a personal attack on business-focused networking site LinkedIn?

Matthew Dooley, a Cincinnati-based social media strategist, had not. “It’s rare to see this kind of behavior on display, given the professional nature of LinkedIn. Of all of the social blunders I’ve witnessed over the years, I can’t recall one that took place on LinkedIn,” Dooley wrote in an email.

Would it be stranger to know that it was over the sharing of a popular comic strip that’s available in hundreds of daily newspapers? Well, that happened this week, and it’s raising questions about what’s appropriate in the professional use of social media.

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