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How fine-tuning technology and redesigning care delivery can improve patient engagement

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Healthcare providers and digital health companies are searching desperately for ways to get patients more engaged in their care. Doing so may require some radical changes to care delivery.

As smartphones and mobile devices have become more ingrained in everyday life, many view technology as the key to patient engagement. But industry leaders also caution against a plug-and-play approach that fails to account for a wide range of unique variables that impact patient behaviors.

Design and usability are the primary drivers of behavior change, said Sean Duffy, co-founder and CEO of Omada Health during an event hosted by NEJM Catalyst. Companies and organizations that use analytics to identify trends and pinpoint models of success will be able to fine-tune tools to build engagement and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

“It’s about fine-tuning and personalization and this, I think, is spawning an incredible, incredible wave of potential in the way we work to improve the health of the country,” he said.

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