IBM’s iPhone app will help 20 million Americans keep their sight

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The impact of mobile on healthcare is among the most acceptable elements of the digital transformation of everything that is taking place right before our eyes, and the latest news from IBM is that iPads and iPhones will become essential tools for eye surgeons, I spoke with the company to find out more.


IBM and Bausch + Lomb are developing the first iOS app for cataract surgeons. “Bausch + Lomb’s vision is to optimize the app to collect data over time, resulting in a cognitive app that applies machine-based learning and predictive analytics to deliver real-time insights to surgeons.” Pilot study testing of the app should begin later this year.

That’s right, this means this will eventually become one of the first trailblazing examples of big data analysis and machine intelligence used in support of healthcare. You can expect much more of this in future, and look forward to a plethora of third-party iOS-compatible devices that can significantly boost healthcare such as AliveCor.

Getting inside the data goldmine

For more about the solution please read IBM’s press release. I spoke with Andy Chang, senior vice president and general manager, U.S. Surgical, Bausch + Lomb; and Terrel Marks, Global Apple Partnership Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM to find a little more detail, but before we get into that a few data points:

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