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iMedicalApps Tech Feature: A showcase for innovative startups

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iMedicalApps Tech Feature: A showcase for innovative startups

Whether its an innovative platform, a newly launched app, an mHealth startup, or just a concept, the iMedicalApps Tech Feature is your opportunity to showcase it in front of an audience of healthcare professionals who are looking for the latest and greatest in digital health.And as digital health continues to expand at a dizzying pace, it can be tough for clinical innovators to get any attention in a crowded marketplace. We want to shine a light on those with exciting approaches that address real clinical needs.The Tech Feature will give you the opportunity describe your start-up, early stage company, or pre-commercial work to the iMedicalApps audience the largest group of clinicians interested in digital health anywhere on the internet. Youll not only get exposure but feedback from our experts. Think of it as Shark Tank for mobile medical tech.

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