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Interview with John Sjölund, CEO of Patients Pending, makers of Timesulin

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Never Forget An Insulin Shot: Interview with John Sjölund, CEO of Patients Pending, makers of Timesulin

Recently, Patients Pending, creators of the insulin injection tracking tool Timesulin, announced their next generation of injection tracking insulin pen caps, the Timesulin Dose Cap. By going beyond simply recording the time between injections to include injection dose, time of injection, and temperature information, Patients Pending is aspiring to create an intelligent insulin delivery system. This information, paired with blood glucose data through a mobile app, will allow the technology to provide personalized dosing and behavioral tips directly to patients. While this next generation technology is still in the final phases of R&D, we had a chance to sit down with John Sjölund, CEO & Founder of Patients Pending, to learn more about both Timesulin and the Timesulin Dose Cap.

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