Jvion, Mayo Clinic release cognitive computing appliance to reduce avoidable patient deaths

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Bedside Patient Rescue offers a view into patient risk and next steps to avoid adverse health events, the organizations said.Jvion and Mayo Clinic on Tuesday announced the Bedside Patient Rescue appliance. The new tool enables clinicians to take a cognitive view of patients to identify people at risk of avoidable deaths.Patient Rescue will be embedded into Jvions Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to incorporate a variety of data sources, notably patient frailty and hospital system measurement, the organizations said.The company said the appliance, predictive analytics tools and Jvions cognitive engine can process those data sources to pinpoint patient risk and suggest next steps to avoid adverse health events.Jvion built Bedside Patient Rescue in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic under the health systems Think Big Challenge. Mayo kicked off the developer contest in 2016 to find emerging companies that could create new technologies for Mayo Clinic to ultimately commercialize.

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