Medical Device Cyber Vulnerabilities: More Alerts

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The stream of recent advisories is helping to draw more attention to the importance of addressing device security, many security experts say.Since April, DHS’s Industrial Control Systems Emergency Response Team has issued about a half dozen alerts advising healthcare entities of cyber vulnerabilities in equipment ranging from medical imaging systems to patient monitoring gear.The intensifying attention on medical device cybersecurity is creating pressure on healthcare entities to keep track of – and then address – the findings involving medical devices used in their environments.”The challenges associated with these vulnerabilities can vary greatly from things that the vendor needs to fix – meaning the hospital has no recourse to address – things that can be fixed through proper configurationpatching or architectural controls, and the ongoing issue of identifying all of these devices and the operational impacts of taking them offline to fix them andor move them,” says Mac McMillan, CEO of security consultancy CynergisTek.”For the hospital, it’s not just about the device; it’s about balancing the clinical and operational impacts,” he says.

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