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Men still earn more than women in medicine, Medscape physician compensation survey finds

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Male physicians still earn higher salaries than females in the same role, according to the Medscape 2016 compensation survey, but the salaries of women increased by a greater percentage.

For primary care physicians, the difference is $225,000 a year for men versus $192,000 for women. For specialists, it’s $242,000 versus $173,000.

Female salaries, however, rose at 36 percent versus 29 percent for male PCPs; and 40 percent versus 34 percent for specialists, according to the survey.

There are more male than female physicians, 65 percent compared to 35 percent, though women are catching up at younger ages.

Among both sexes, Orthopedic doctors are the highest paid, followed by cardiologists and dermatologists.

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