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MGH to build Down syndrome portal

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Massachusetts General Hospital will soon launch the first ever “virtual clinic” for people with Down syndrome in an effort to reach patients who do not have access to local clinics and relieve overwhelmed primary care physicians.

“It’s really going to transform the way we’re able to deliver health care to people with Down syndrome and other disability populations,” said Dr. Brian Skotko, co-director of the MGH Down Syndrome Program. “The modern day primary care physician maybe only has one or two patients with Down syndrome, and it’s unreasonable to expect them to stay up to date on research for the conditions of all of their patients.”

Skotko and his team received a $2.1 million grant to build the digital health system aimed at addressing the shortage of Down syndrome clinics nationwide. About 58 clinics operate out of 32 states for the roughly 250,000 people living in the United States with the genetic disorder.

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