New voice AI promotes privacy

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Some artificial intelligence (AI) systems can already perform certain tasks as well as or even better than humans, for example, machine learning models that interpret diagnostic imaging studies like what radiologists do although the former can do the interpretation in seconds or much faster. What about voice AI? This technology is expected to change the way we interface with machines and, consequently, how humans interact with each other. Tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Apple have come out with voice-activated gadgets that are now catching on in people’s daily lives. Meanwhile, Mycroft, the Kansas City-based voice platform company, has announced an open source voice-activated private assistant, The Mark II. This portable speaker, the company says, is designed for everyday users with varying levels of technical expertise. Mark IIs privacy, customisation, user agency and open data capabilities differentiate this product from other proprietary voice assistants currently available on the market, according to Mycroft.

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