NHIT Week 2018: 15 Health IT Social Media Influencers Worth a Follow

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News moves fast, so do these influencers. Join the conversation by following these Tweet-wielding health IT experts! The health IT space is flush with experts, CIOs and healthcare IT gurus who are always keen to offer their takes on emerging and established technology or advice on how to overcome challenges in the space and improve care. And while blogs are a great way for many of these experts to get their thoughts across (check out our must-read health IT bloggers list), news moves fast and conversations move faster. Luckily, we live in a time where social media Twitter in particular can offer these experts a platform to help drive the ongoing conversations and ever-growing community around health IT.Regardless of what youre looking for, these social media influencers probably have it. Tap into the conversation with these 15 social media influencers who are intimately familiar with the health IT space, and start tweeting, re-tweeting and feeling their influence! (And dont forget to give our own account a follow, to stay connected to all the latest!)

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