Pathology goes digital – 5 tips from UK radiologists

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Pathology is embarking on a similar digitization journey as radiology has experienced. Despite some obvious differences in how the transition to digital images will occur, it is obvious that questions similar to those once asked by radiologists are now being asked by pathologists.
Radiologists have transformed their way of working, from processing plain film to today’s large set of digital modalities that include nuclear medicine, ultrasound, mammograms, PET and fluoroscopy among others. Pathology’s transition from glass slides to digital images is likely to provide an equivalent transformational change. Pathology is more sub-specialized and involves a higher degree of manual tasks than radiology. Accordingly, it is likely that the benefits of using digital techniques will probably have a greater positive impact on pathology than they had on radiology.
This article summarizes a survey that Sectra sent out to UK radiology customers asking what one piece of advice they would give pathology departments about to embark on a digitization project.

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