Precision Medicine Already Has Measurable Impact on Patient Outcomes

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Report: Precision Medicine Already Has Measurable Impact on Patient Outcomes

Over two-thirds of healthcare organizations say precision medicine is already having a measurable effect on patient outcomes, according to a new study from Oxford Economics and SAP. The research study includes a survey of 120 healthcare professionals from research, life sciences, and healthcare organizations in North America and Europe, along with in-depth interviews with experts in the field.

The report highlights what healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations are doing to accelerate the precision medicine revolution—and what they must do to foster progress. Precision medicine is transforming healthcare by using genetics, genomics, and big data to move beyond one-size-fits-all models of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. This individualized care promises improved patient outcomes, cost savings, and greater efficiency across the healthcare system, but it also poses substantial challenges.

The traditional emphasis on mass-market approaches is shifting toward personalized medicine. The traditional model is not going away, and other movements (such as population health, which focuses on prevention at a community-wide scale) are also on the rise—but targeted approaches are increasingly ready for prime time.

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