Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size and Forecast, 2018 to 2028

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Shift from Third Party Plasma Suppliers – Key Strategy

Manufacturers of prothrombin complex concentrates were dependent on third-party suppliers for plasma as a precursor. Presently, manufacturers have shifted focus on establishing their own plasma collection banks in order to cut down their operational costs. For instance, CSL Behring GmbH, a prominent player in the market has increased the number plasma collection centers over the past years, marking their 200th plasma collection center in the U.S. in 2017.

Prothrombin Complex Concentrates Market Witnessing Considerable Growth in China

According to the discussions held with key opinion leaders in the prothrombin complex concentrates market, a substantial growth has been witnessed in the China market for prothrombin complex concentrates. Manufacturers operating in the China & APEC markets are estimated to have significant growth opportunities in the prothrombin complex concentrates market over the forecast period.

Unmet Hemophilia Therapeutic Needs and Growing Geriatric Population

As the requirement of anticoagulation therapy is increasing amongst the geriatric population, the need to reverse anticoagulation in adverse condition is also increasing. Thus, the growing geriatric population is expected to fuel the growth of the prothrombin complex market over the forecast period. The worldwide incidence of hemophilia is not well known, however, it has been estimated that more than 400,000 people have hemophilia. Approximately 75% of people with hemophilia have been estimated to receive inadequate treatment or have no access to treatment.

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