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Randomized Clinical Trial Validates BaseHealth’s Predictive Analytics

Shared by Radhika Narayanan | 2 24 2 | about 3 years ago

One of the pressing concerns in health care is the validity of medical and health apps. Because health is a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year concern, people can theoretically overcome many of their health problems by employing apps that track, measure, report, and encourage them in good behavior. But which ones work? Doctors are understandably reluctant to recommend apps–and insurers to cover them–without validation.

So I’ve been looking at the scattered app developers who have managed to find the time and money for randomized clinical studies. One recent article covered two studies showing the value of a platform that provided the basis for Twine Health. Today I’ll look at BaseHealth, whose service and API I covered last year.

BaseHealth’s risk assessment platform is used by doctors and health coaches to create customized patient health plans. According to CEO Prakash Menon, “Five to seven people out of 1,000, for instance, will develop Type II diabetes each year. Our service allows a provider to focus on those five to seven.” The study that forms the basis for my article describes BaseHealth’s service as “based on an individual’s comprehensive information, including lifestyle, personal information, and family history; genetic information (genotyping or full genome sequencing data), if provided, is included for cumulative assessment.” (p. 1) BaseHealth has trouble integrating EHR data, because transport protocols have been standardized but semantics (what field is used to record each bit of information) have not.

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