Roundup: Digital health pharma news from Q2 2017

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In Q2 2017, we continued to see more pharma companies step up their efforts in digital health, from app launches to FDA clearances to wearable usage in clinical trials. Read on below for a summary of those moves.In a move that could have growing significance for pharma going forward, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI), a public-private partnership of pharma companies, academics, and regulators, including FDA, looking to create a new gold standard of clinical trial design using digital technology, released new endpoint recommendations focused on the use of mobile technology in clinical trials. By engaging with experts who have been early champions of mobile technology in trials and combining that with patient insights, CTTI has created practical recommendations and action-oriented tools that have the potential to really accelerate the use of mobile technology in clinical trials, Craig Lipset, Pfizers head of clinical innovation, said in a statement at the time. In particular, the use cases provide a realistic pathway for incorporating novel endpoints through technology into clinical development programs. CTTIs recommendations show we may be closer than previously believed to realizing the benefits of these novel endpoints, creating a sense of urgency to act.

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