State Efforts to Combat Drug Price Increases

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Growth in health care costs has long been a source of political and administrative tension for public health agencies across the country. More and more, health officials, legislators, patient advocacy groups, and third-party payors blame budgetary constraints and patient dissatisfaction and poor outcomes on high prices for once affordable medications. The issue of drug pricing has generated intense interest among federal regulators, the Department of Justice, Congress, and now, state legislatures.

Legislative Responses

As complaints about drug price fluctuations grow louder, legislatures in Massachusetts, New York, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Vermont, and Colorado have introduced “drug pricing transparency” bills. The bills, if passed, would require pharmaceutical manufacturers to disclose a variety of confidential, nonpublic drug cost information. Proponents argue that access to such information will enable policymakers to better understand and address the impact of high-cost drugs on health care spending. Opponents take a predictably different view and raise a host of concerns, summarized below.

The California, New York, Colorado, and Oregon bills require disclosure of certain pricing information for any prescription drug above a certain “annual wholesale acquisition cost,” such as total research and development costs (including clinical trials and other regulatory …read more

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