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Survey: Usability trumps trustworthiness for consumers’ health website preferences

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Consumers care more about ease of use than trustworthiness when it comes to looking up health information online, according to a Makovsky survey of 1,035 US adults that was fielded by market research firm Kelton.

The survey revealed that although 59 percent of respondents said they trust health information that comes from advocacy group websites, just 16 percent said they use these websites to find health information online. This is because although advocacy groups are a trustworthy source, just 29 percent of consumers said they typically find their websites easy to use.

Other online health resources that were rated high on a trust scale by respondents were also ranked lower in terms of how much respondents said they used them. Some 53 percent of people said they trusted health information from health systems, but only 31 percent of people said they used health systems’ websites as an online health source. Similarly, 51 percent of people said they trust the CDC, but just 21 percent of people said they used the CDC’s websites. This is likely because 41 percent of people said they thought health system websites are easy to use and just 27 percent think the CDC’s website is easy to use.

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