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Text Messaging Is Disrupting Healthcare In Unexpected Ways

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Communication has drastically changed in the last few years. It wasnt too long ago that phones were attached to a wall, and to talk with someone they had to be at their house. Now with everybody carrying a cell phone in their pocket, you can reach people wherever they are. But with those advancements to communication, phone calls arent the best way to communicate anymore. Texting is the way people prefer to connect with their friends and family members, and also their healthcare providers. The method of communication has already had major impacts on the healthcare industry and increased the level of access patients have with their providers, but the changes are just beginning. With more advancements and adoption of mobile technology in every aspect of patients lives, texting still has the potential to radically change the healthcare process.The prevalence of texting has already had some major effects on most standard procedures in a healthcare practice. Patients no longer want to get phone calls from their providers reminding them of an upcoming appointment or that its time to schedule another one. They would rather receive these messages through text, preferably with an easy way to confirm their next appointment or a link to schedule online. This desired and convenient method of communication isnt new, and many healthcare practices have come around to the idea of using automated texts to remind patients of and confirm appointments.

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