The bad news about AI for cybersecurity: Hackers have access to the same tools as hospitals

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While security is among the uses cases with big potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning, the underlying reality is that both hospitals and hackers have access to the same technologies.AI is a dual-use technology that can be deployed defensively or offensively, said Lee Kim, Director of Privacy & Security at HIMSS. There are malicious uses of AI.Indeed, the report The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention and Mitigation, published by the Future of Humanity Institute and others, pointed out that some of the same systems that examine software for vulnerabilities have both offensive and defensive applications, and likened the scenario to the way a drone for delivering medications need not differ greatly from a drone that drops explosives.Malicious use of AI could threaten digital security (e.g. through criminals training machines to hack or socially engineer victims at human or superhuman levels of performance), physical security (e.g. non-state actors weaponizing consumer drones), and political security (e.g. through privacy-eliminating surveillance, profiling, and repression, or through automated and targeted disinformation campaigns), the report said.

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