The Good, The Bad and The Weird: Health Tech From CES 2019

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What do power banks and cows have in common? The 2019 CES Innovation Award, actually. Its a brilliant project of a South Korean solar energy company, Yolk, having partnered with a Kenyan educational institution, to keep children at school. What does solar energy have to do with education? A lot, actually. In developing regions, parents often send children to work at an early age instead of letting them go to school. Thats what the Solar Cow Project aims to change. Pupils can plug in their milk bottle-shaped portable batteries into the charging station, the cow when they arrive at school and bring home the recharged power banks. Electricity could be scarce in these regions of Africa, so parents who let their children to school save money and time: the cow is free to milk, and it could spare a 4-6-hour long walk to the nearest charging station. Although its not a digital health project, we couldnt get by its cleverness without a mention.

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