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To Cut Wait Times, VA Tries MinuteClinics In Northern California

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Struggling with long wait times, the Veterans Affairs Health Care System is trying something new: a partnership with the CVS Pharmacy chain to offer urgent care services to more than 65,000 veterans.

The experiment began Tuesday at the VA’s operations in Palo Alto, Calif.

Veterans can visit 14 CVS MinuteClinics in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, where the staff will treat them for conditions such as respiratory infections, order lab tests and prescribe medications that can be filled at CVS pharmacies.

The care will be free for veterans, and the VA will reimburse CVS for the treatment and medications. Whether the partnership will spread to other VA locales isn’t yet clear.

The collaboration comes amid renewed scrutiny of the nation’s troubled VA health system, which has tried without much success to improve long wait times for veterans needing health care.

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