Two new ransomware strains discovered, can spread even when offline

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Ransomware attacks are growing in severity and sophistication. Two newly-discovered strains, Samsam and Maktub Locker, are prime examples of what healthcare organizations can expect in the near-future.

The ransomware Samsam gains access to an organization’s network by exploiting vulnerabilities in JBoss servers, such as a missing patch, and spreads to all machines connected to the network.

Maktub Locker, for its part, enters through spam or phishing emails with a virus hidden in an attachment, like a .ZIP file. Once opened, MakTub encrypts all data and systems connected to the network.

What’s interesting about Maktub is that it doesn’t just send an email and download items onto a computer. As soon as the .ZIP file is opened, a malicious rich text file infects the entire system, said Lee Kim, HIMSS director of Privacy and Security, Technology Solutions. And the email looks legitimate, such as a “Terms of Service” or “Terms of Use” document.

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