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UCHealth Deploying Predictive Analytics Tool to Improve OR Utilization and Enhance Patient Care

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Last fall, the University of Colorado Health (UCHealth), a five-hospital health system that serves communities across Colorado and operates clinics in Wyoming and Nebraska, deployed a predictive analytics solution in its infusion centers to better manage scheduling complexity and improve resource utilization. That technology implementation proved so successful that UCHealth leadership are moving forward to deploy a similar solution for its operating rooms with the aim of optimizing OR utilization to improve efficiency and enhance patient care.

UCHealth announced a partnership with Silicon Valley startup LeanTaaS to deploy its iQueue for Operating Rooms solution at the health system’s flagship hospital, Aurora, Colo.-based University of Colorado Hospital for its 38 OR rooms. The health system plans to integrate the data analytics platform into all OR operations at all five hospitals—109 OR rooms total—later this year and next year, according to UCHealth CIO Steve Hess.

Hess says the deployment of the data analytics platform, first at the health system’s infusion centers, and now in its ORs, enables the health system to tackle some of the most complex challenges of hospital operations, specifically related to capacity issues and workflow.

“We’re good at a lot things—we have brilliant clinicians, brilliant nurses, incredible administrators and clinical leadership. We have an enterprise EHR system and we have really good robust data out of the system. We have good process improvements, but some of these workflow and capacity issues are really hard to work through, because people can see the data, but they don’t understand how to take action on the data. The combination of process improvement and data analysis is hard, to say the least. What we’re seeing is that often it’s easy to get the data out, but it’s hard to then translate that into improvements in the EHRs or with workflow to actually make a difference,” he says.

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