UK genetic testing company DNAFit launches Elevate to match workout, diet with genetic profile

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London-based genomics company DNAFit has launched Elevate, an online training platform that incorporates users’ genetic information to create personalized workout plans.

Elevate, which DNAFit developed with the input of Olympic track and field athlete Greg Rutherford, is based on the company’s saliva-based genetic test kit. It screens for 45 specific gene variants, which may be linked to each individual body’s ability to respond to training and nutrition, such as those identified as being linked to obesity.

The $126 (99 British pounds) test then algorithmically calculates a score for each user to determine their endurance response, and this figure is then plugged into the Elevate online platform people can access on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Users add their weight and other vital statistics and the days they are able to train, and the app guides them through the workout with a training schedule and videos of how to perform exercises.

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