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What will President Obama’s cancer ‘moonshot’ achieve?

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What will President Obama’s cancer ‘moonshot’ achieve?
By Deborah Cohen BBC Radio 4
9 April 2016
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Image caption Cancer is the most complex disease we know of, say doctors
In January, US President Barack Obama announced a “moonshot” for cancer.
“Let’s make America the country that cures cancer once and for all,” he said in his last State of the Nation address.
President Obama put Vice President Joe Biden in charge of mission control. For Mr Biden it’s personal – he lost his son Beau to brain cancer at the age of 46 last year.
The cancer moonshot is a $1bn (£710m) injection of cash intended to bring a decade’s worth of advances in just five years.
It is focusing on new approaches such as combining treatments and immunotherapy , when drugs make the patient’s own immune system turn against cancer cells.
There will also be more resources for new gene technologies to improve cancer detection.

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