Why Are Millions of People Ditching Their Wearable Devices?

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Why Are Millions of People Ditching Their Wearable Devices?

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others, meanwhile, measure their heartrate on their wrists.

The latter group is growing exponentially, ushering in a multi-billion-dollar wearables market, from watches that count steps and heartbeats to ear buds that monitor a woman’s body temperature to calculate the ideal time to procreate.

Probably one of the most successful and well-known brands, Fitbit, sold more than 21 million products in 2015, according to a wearables market analysis from International Data Corporation. Another market data analysis company, CCS Insight, predicts the smart wearables industry will be worth $34 billion by the end of the decade. Already one in ten consumers over age 18 owns a wearable activity tracker like Fitbit, based on a survey of 6,223 U.S. adults conducted by Endeavour Partners in 2014.

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